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It takes a single moment to ruin an

impeccably tailored shirt.

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How do you wear it?

There are 3 easy steps to the Bizibib. 


Step 1

Hold the Bizibib out in front of you.



Step 2

Attach the Bizibib with the Velcro straps.


Step 3

Drape over shirt for full protection.

Durability is key

Bizibib is made to last.

  • Velcro Tabs

    Designed so one size fits all

  • Uniquely Tailored

    Same fabric as a real dress shirt

  • Waterproof Lining

    Spills won't soak through

  • Durable Material

    Machine washable and reusable

  • Compact Design

    Lightweight and convenient to carry

High Value, Low Price

Make Bizibibb your next purchase.


*Limited quantities. Offer good while supplies last.


Don't get left out.

Stay in touch with us for fashion design tips and product updates.


You protect everything else of value in your life, why not your appearance?

Chances are, you or someone near you is wearing one now. It anchors your wardrobe, and drives an industry set to exceed $3 billion in sales. If it’s not a necessity now, it will be if you plan on working at any point in your lifetime.

Born out of necessity, Bizibibb is the insurance you need for your personal image.

No one plans for it, but it happens to the best of us. Your napkin? Let’s leave that in your lap and not introduce your clients to the ascot’s uncouth cousin. It’s outdated and inefficient at best. The napkin won't stop spills from soaking through to your dress shirt and it's outdated and inefficient at best.


Our product is engineered from the same quality fabrics as the dress shirts you wear on a daily basis.

It looks and feels like a great shirt, because we made it from one! From power lunches through happy hours, the waterproof backing in our design keeps your clothing impervious to spills and sauces that just can’t resist your attire. Wouldn’t you rather save the seltzer for your cocktail instead of your dress shirt?